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Wandering the virtual playa at burn2 this year I’ve seen many great things growing and becoming part of Black rock city’s virtual twin. I’ve seen art cars and builders and people sitting under shade structures, and I’ve also seen new residents of second life discover their soul on the playa.
I met a new resident who is less than a month old who has grand visions of creation and a need to develop a story they want to tell the world.
I’ve been creating content in second life since 2008 as kev sweetwater building some unique and stunning builds and also some never to see the light of day. I am always taken back when someone compliments my creations because in my mind they are just basic but they continue to say things like they are soul shaking and emotion bringing and all have a piece of you in them.
And some do some have hundreds of hours in them some have 15 minutes in them. But to me they are not always what I feel they should be. I am not on the level of some of second life’s great artists and creators, but they are mine and for that I’m happy to have made them.
So I spoke with this new resident and took them on a tour of a few art builds and could see their desire to create content like that. And in a way I think they might have a chance with it but I also fear the influence of them on new content creators trying to replicate what they have viewed, making it a copy and not something that is part of them.
My first build in second life was a child’s castle basic simple small but cute I sold three over time and never really remembered why I was proud of those prims I slapped together but in a way I am.
As I continued to wander the playa I noticed statements and creations in some builds and in some I saw sterility in their creation. All are beautiful and unique but not soul touching. Then I came across a few campers just having a conversation about nothing important an hear the words ” how can we compete with all this great art around here” so I knew I had to stop and say a few words.
To them I stated art is what makes the creator happy it can be the ceiling of the Sistine chapel or the graffiti behind the local Gas station to the maker it’s a form of art both totally different meanings but both thought invoking. If we all made the same art then it wouldn’t be art it would be cookie cutter creations.
They all got very quiet then one stated so when you create things like we see here all over what inspires you to make them. I said some are ment to have functions like center camp no it’s not a exact replica of the real camp yes it fits the form but it’s my inner souls ideas of what it should be. Another person said then explain why you choose a random creation for the Tokyo stage I said to me it is about inner conflict and tensions I feel in life the chains holding me down the fire trying to melt through them and the stage lifting higher every day because the fire in my soul is sitting below it encased in chains but breaking past them to lift it up.
I said create what moves you and then explain why and you will be ok, or don’t let the viewer try to find meaning in it for themselves.
I look forward to seeing their creations and the new residents camp site she has been focused on for days now finished to a point of inner peace.
We all are individuals in art and life and community we are what makes it all work in harmony create something that pleases you and let the world see it.