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Burning Man in Second Life

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As dpw lead for burning man 2.0 a official virtual regional. We have all the stuff at black rock city except the dust unless your house is dirty

This week was a long one but with a great team it was wonderful no fighting only happy and fun we got all the regions set up chose theme camp winners assigned all donation plots to people built center camp got the Berlin stage going up camp articia out for your ice needs. But the best part so far is this amazing team of people who will do anything the lamplighters lead jeanbatista has helped me so much this week I am forever gratefull to him. Emcee has been the calming voice an they one to say bro I live you but your not a one man department delegate more before you die. Ronon is training new and old rangers as fast as possible, Doc G tossed a last minute pre party for everyone as a thanks for waiting party. My ops lead rekka has been smashing prims and making things from nothing. Ahh there are so many great people involved and it’s worth every second.
The man is ready to go in our temple builder has made a temple to make you feel a rush of emotion it’s like being on the playa.
So now it’s time to open the flood gate and let the builders in let’s get to work now this ride is one people dream of. Thank you all for your support and help and a shoulder to lean on at times this is what makes burning man in second life great now where is the bacon



Over the last few months as the dpw lead for burn2 I’ve spent countless hours answering questions from the community taking a peek at builds people are so excited about reviewing plans and proposals for the region lay out and community builds. And I loved every second of it.
People in out community have such a passion for what we are about and how we all work together to form this almost utopian society that the default world can’t seem to emulate. A community where we help each other we listen and learn and when someone needs or has something we might need we gift it to them with a smile and the offer of assistance if it is needed. In the default world we go thru our life with ourselves as the main goal and we have little concern most of the time for neighbors or strangers who need us for help a extra hand a meal a cup of water. We turn a blind eye on people in need this isn’t true for our community we don’t leave any one behind we include everyone in what ever we are doing or working on with each person gifting a idea it materials or just a positive attitude to the project.

A few nights ago I was building the burn2 welcome bells for the new burners to ring when they are at the greeters station and And some members of the community came by and offered different sounds for the bell and textures without even being asked and while we stood and chatted we made the bell to welcome people to there new home on the virtual playa.

A few days later standing at the prim map I was asked about center camp so I dropped the rezzer and out it came we stood and looked at it and one person said hey I got some great textures we can use on this and there they came at me these unique textures and we stood and enjoyed being there.

A few hours later I get a message as a offline from a burner I’ve never met or spoke too just to say thank you to the entire ops team for all we do. This never happens in the default world random acts of kindness

Last night I was speaking to a friend who was leaving burningman for his home and we were talking about how once you go to burningman you never want to leave it gets in your soul and becomes a part of who and what you are. He told me he had a tear in his eye with how true that was and how he missed being there so much already. It was his first burn for his human avatar and it won’t be his last.

Burn 2 is coming we are going to cross the bridge from vr to reality and enjoy this ride as it has been one of the greatest for me in my secondlife so far and now my real life also. See you on the burn2 playa