Wandering the virtual playa at burn2 this year I’ve seen many great things growing and becoming part of Black rock city’s virtual twin. I’ve seen art cars and builders and people sitting under shade structures, and I’ve also seen new residents of second life discover their soul on the playa.
I met a new resident who is less than a month old who has grand visions of creation and a need to develop a story they want to tell the world.
I’ve been creating content in second life since 2008 as kev sweetwater building some unique and stunning builds and also some never to see the light of day. I am always taken back when someone compliments my creations because in my mind they are just basic but they continue to say things like they are soul shaking and emotion bringing and all have a piece of you in them.
And some do some have hundreds of hours in them some have 15 minutes in them. But to me they are not always what I feel they should be. I am not on the level of some of second life’s great artists and creators, but they are mine and for that I’m happy to have made them.
So I spoke with this new resident and took them on a tour of a few art builds and could see their desire to create content like that. And in a way I think they might have a chance with it but I also fear the influence of them on new content creators trying to replicate what they have viewed, making it a copy and not something that is part of them.
My first build in second life was a child’s castle basic simple small but cute I sold three over time and never really remembered why I was proud of those prims I slapped together but in a way I am.
As I continued to wander the playa I noticed statements and creations in some builds and in some I saw sterility in their creation. All are beautiful and unique but not soul touching. Then I came across a few campers just having a conversation about nothing important an hear the words ” how can we compete with all this great art around here” so I knew I had to stop and say a few words.
To them I stated art is what makes the creator happy it can be the ceiling of the Sistine chapel or the graffiti behind the local Gas station to the maker it’s a form of art both totally different meanings but both thought invoking. If we all made the same art then it wouldn’t be art it would be cookie cutter creations.
They all got very quiet then one stated so when you create things like we see here all over what inspires you to make them. I said some are ment to have functions like center camp no it’s not a exact replica of the real camp yes it fits the form but it’s my inner souls ideas of what it should be. Another person said then explain why you choose a random creation for the Tokyo stage I said to me it is about inner conflict and tensions I feel in life the chains holding me down the fire trying to melt through them and the stage lifting higher every day because the fire in my soul is sitting below it encased in chains but breaking past them to lift it up.
I said create what moves you and then explain why and you will be ok, or don’t let the viewer try to find meaning in it for themselves.
I look forward to seeing their creations and the new residents camp site she has been focused on for days now finished to a point of inner peace.
We all are individuals in art and life and community we are what makes it all work in harmony create something that pleases you and let the world see it.


So I’ve started thinking about Burn2 in Second Life and what I’m going to create this year that is i have a love of high quality things and of late it’s micro brew beer created in a artisan manor. So I bring you Black Rock City Brewery. A realistic re creation of a brewery and of course a bar serving free drink to all who visit this in Second Life. Construction has already begun on this build and I anticipate it will 4 months to complete to a showing level. So expect updates pictures and just good old ventilation over when things don’t play nice.


So a few days ago i remembered I had this blog just sitting here on the web doing nothing. So I took a minute logged in and tossed up a quick post.

A horse is a horse……

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So today I did something for the first time in second life. I went horse back riding but not just riding around a sim i went barrel racing at a  Ranch. Against a lineup of 8 other avatars. And with a loner horse from a person who a friend knew there. The competition was judged in seconds. It was fun to root for others and yet worry about how to go faster so after two heats of racing I managed to take second place and win the second place prize.


What did you do today in Second Life ?

Burnal Equinox 2011

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Today was the opening of the Burn2 Spring event, and from what I got to see it was some opening great first day of partying and music and races and flying avatars. Everyone worked so hard on Burnal Equinox the volunteers were doing a great job the various departments did wonderful doing what they do. And of course we crashed the sim at least once just so we all remember what that was like. Take a look at some photos here on Flickr

See you on Burning Man Deep Hole

Not in second life download it here

Want more info about Burn2 in second life click here

More to come tomorrow

Kev Sweetwater

Burning Man in Second Life

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As dpw lead for burning man 2.0 a official virtual regional. We have all the stuff at black rock city except the dust unless your house is dirty

This week was a long one but with a great team it was wonderful no fighting only happy and fun we got all the regions set up chose theme camp winners assigned all donation plots to people built center camp got the Berlin stage going up camp articia out for your ice needs. But the best part so far is this amazing team of people who will do anything the lamplighters lead jeanbatista has helped me so much this week I am forever gratefull to him. Emcee has been the calming voice an they one to say bro I live you but your not a one man department delegate more before you die. Ronon is training new and old rangers as fast as possible, Doc G tossed a last minute pre party for everyone as a thanks for waiting party. My ops lead rekka has been smashing prims and making things from nothing. Ahh there are so many great people involved and it’s worth every second.
The man is ready to go in our temple builder has made a temple to make you feel a rush of emotion it’s like being on the playa.
So now it’s time to open the flood gate and let the builders in let’s get to work now this ride is one people dream of. Thank you all for your support and help and a shoulder to lean on at times this is what makes burning man in second life great now where is the bacon


Over the last few months as the dpw lead for burn2 I’ve spent countless hours answering questions from the community taking a peek at builds people are so excited about reviewing plans and proposals for the region lay out and community builds. And I loved every second of it.
People in out community have such a passion for what we are about and how we all work together to form this almost utopian society that the default world can’t seem to emulate. A community where we help each other we listen and learn and when someone needs or has something we might need we gift it to them with a smile and the offer of assistance if it is needed. In the default world we go thru our life with ourselves as the main goal and we have little concern most of the time for neighbors or strangers who need us for help a extra hand a meal a cup of water. We turn a blind eye on people in need this isn’t true for our community we don’t leave any one behind we include everyone in what ever we are doing or working on with each person gifting a idea it materials or just a positive attitude to the project.

A few nights ago I was building the burn2 welcome bells for the new burners to ring when they are at the greeters station and And some members of the community came by and offered different sounds for the bell and textures without even being asked and while we stood and chatted we made the bell to welcome people to there new home on the virtual playa.

A few days later standing at the prim map I was asked about center camp so I dropped the rezzer and out it came we stood and looked at it and one person said hey I got some great textures we can use on this and there they came at me these unique textures and we stood and enjoyed being there.

A few hours later I get a message as a offline from a burner I’ve never met or spoke too just to say thank you to the entire ops team for all we do. This never happens in the default world random acts of kindness

Last night I was speaking to a friend who was leaving burningman for his home and we were talking about how once you go to burningman you never want to leave it gets in your soul and becomes a part of who and what you are. He told me he had a tear in his eye with how true that was and how he missed being there so much already. It was his first burn for his human avatar and it won’t be his last.

Burn 2 is coming we are going to cross the bridge from vr to reality and enjoy this ride as it has been one of the greatest for me in my secondlife so far and now my real life also. See you on the burn2 playa


So I’m back in the blog game again seems I just can’t get enough abuse or is it I just have some much stuff i want to tell the world that I have no choice but to blog it. So I guess this is the part where I promise constant updates and breaking news and stuff and swear that I will post as much as I can.  Well I won’t lie, I will post here I won’t post like someone who has nothing better to do and spam you with my life’s information both real and in Second Life. Now I’m sure your wanting to know more about me, why I have no clue but here you are reading this. So rather than tell you more about me I will tell you more about why I am who I am today. Back in 1989 I got my first computer a Vic 20

Thats all you got right there

all in one keyboard computer, no hard drive, no floppy drive, no cd rom no this computer worked off cartridge

that you had to use a hammer to get into a port in the back and pray it aligned correctly or else it was destroyed or damaged. Well to me at that time this computer so simple that a child could work it was something I have never seen before and all I wanted was to master it. I would spend hours writing basic code, hundreds of lines just to make thing like the cursor bounce around the screen and change colors. And of course you made errors and had to fix it but I will never the first time i typed the word ” RUN ” and didn’t get a syntax error. I was hooked right there, from that computer I went to a Commodore 120 it was a Commodore’s popular 64 model’s new version that never really caught on, but they had a Commodore 64 core in it so you could at boot tell it to go into 64 mode or at the command prompt could type ” Go 64″ and then when it said are you sure you could answer yes or no.

I don’t want this to be a computer history blog but these are the things that got me to where I am today, Like discovering if you took a hole punch and made a hole on the side of a floppy disk in the right spot you could use both sides of the disk.  That you had to hook your dot matrix printer to the back of the floppy drive not the computer to make it work. And as bad as the games were and as copied as they became I don’t think in my entire childhood we ever bought a game we just copied all our friends disks. And when one friend didn’t have something you had they got a copy of your’s.

Around 1994 computer technology was growing more almost daily, the internet for the general public was coming out more and more, basic HTML webpages with small flash and little content appeared. I got my first computer with a 28.8 baud modem that connected to a phone line and would dial out to a server somewhere and make static noises and beeps and blips and crackles and then poof you could explore a small portion of the internet. I started in BBS (Bullen Board Service) sites like point-blank. From there i made a few friends one told me about Telnet and how university and large corporations used this Unix function to connect to computers and share data back then, or to connect to an account you had on an off site location via a shell account. And then he said if you find the right port number on a server you might even find, other people doing things. So once day when trying ports on the University of Denver’s new Server Evans i came across port 2323.

Talk about going down the rabbit hole, full screen ansi text saying RESORT scrolled up. and Enter user name with a flashing cursor next to it. So of course I entered a user name Craworme. Magic the gathering was new and big and the in geek game back then and it was sitting on my desk so I became Craworme. And entered this new world of confusion and commands and text scrolling and over 200 people there all talking and doing things. Took me 5 or so months to learn how to use this program called EW-too and what it could do, and as this happened I made friends around the globe, London, Sydney, Paris, the entire US, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa. Some of these people I still do speak to today that says something there don’t it.

Within a year or so I like everyone else grew board and wanted more I wanted to be a super user where you got to help residents and grant them residency and verify their email address thrilling stuff lol. Bored and closed the page yet ? well if your still here Resort was the biggest “Talker” ever to this day it’s still has the most unusual user usage. But there were others some big some small most with 20-60 people who called it home. Surfers in the UK, Foothills in the UK , Forest hosted at the university of technology in Sydney. You think sl lag is bad try international cross atlantic cables for lag.

That’s enough I think to get you going, next series will delve into learning Coding, Drama, the wars, and evolution of talkers into……