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I want to share with the three people who read my blog this email I sent back in February to the core team of burn2. I left on my own accord and was not forced out made to leave or fired. I still believe in burn2 and I also believe this event is one of the last great ones in second life.

Greetings team,
I am writing this email after a few months of reflection and soul searching. My life has changed both in sl and rl. I am no longer able to commit to things like I use to be able to. And that’s not fair to the event, volunteers, or to any of you. between my fathers health issues and my personal life and work commitments ever changing.

There fore when the time Diana’s world calms and she is able to once again commit to burn, I will be resigning as the co-lead of DPW.

Diana has shown countless times her deep commitment to the event and the community filling in where needed without question. She has always strived to better the event and make it grow into what it has become and what it will be in the future. You should all trust her decision making skills and let her grow as much as possible she will not let you down I’m sure.

This will wait till after the April fools event and occuplaya have ended. As i have committed to be a part in those events. Unless Diana requests I leave sooner. I know her personal life is in flux currently so to alivate any tensions or commitments she currently has and to proceed in a transitional phase. I plan on being retired by the beginning of may.

It has been a very hard and personal choice to come to. I plan on serving still in a emeritus role for DPW and will still be available to anyone who has questions or is in need of my help in any way. But the time has come for me to move along.
As a personal request I ask that you please keep this email as confidential information till may. But I felt it was best to inform you all now of my future plans. I’m not leaving second life just going to explore other things beyond burn2 on the grid.

Funny how life changes and things we loved to do grow faded. I have nothing but respect for you all. And nothing but well wishes to you, the community and the event.

All creations I’m still holding that can be transferred will be gifted to m2 burner and to Diana for usage as the core, dpw, and Diana deem fit.


Kev Sweetwater

And so in case you didn’t know I’m no longer a member of burn2 as a departmental leader any more. I wish them nothing but great things and long prosperity in all endeavors and to Diana I say you can do it better than me I know you can make that event come to greater heights than I ever could have.


So a few days ago i remembered I had this blog just sitting here on the web doing nothing. So I took a minute logged in and tossed up a quick post.

A horse is a horse……

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

So today I did something for the first time in second life. I went horse back riding but not just riding around a sim i went barrel racing at a  Ranch. Against a lineup of 8 other avatars. And with a loner horse from a person who a friend knew there. The competition was judged in seconds. It was fun to root for others and yet worry about how to go faster so after two heats of racing I managed to take second place and win the second place prize.


What did you do today in Second Life ?

Burning Man in Second Life

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As dpw lead for burning man 2.0 a official virtual regional. We have all the stuff at black rock city except the dust unless your house is dirty

This week was a long one but with a great team it was wonderful no fighting only happy and fun we got all the regions set up chose theme camp winners assigned all donation plots to people built center camp got the Berlin stage going up camp articia out for your ice needs. But the best part so far is this amazing team of people who will do anything the lamplighters lead jeanbatista has helped me so much this week I am forever gratefull to him. Emcee has been the calming voice an they one to say bro I live you but your not a one man department delegate more before you die. Ronon is training new and old rangers as fast as possible, Doc G tossed a last minute pre party for everyone as a thanks for waiting party. My ops lead rekka has been smashing prims and making things from nothing. Ahh there are so many great people involved and it’s worth every second.
The man is ready to go in our temple builder has made a temple to make you feel a rush of emotion it’s like being on the playa.
So now it’s time to open the flood gate and let the builders in let’s get to work now this ride is one people dream of. Thank you all for your support and help and a shoulder to lean on at times this is what makes burning man in second life great now where is the bacon