Where has Kev been ?

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Welcome to my world

So some have been asking where I’ve been or what I’ve been up too of late. And why I’m not in second life daily of late.
Well here it is the reasons I’ve been absent. As some of my closer friends know my father has stage four pancreatic cancer that has metastized into his liver this is old news for those who know its also the reason I moved from new york to arizona over the summer.
About a month ago I started a new job that I enjoy and they like me and I see the potential for advancement too be strong and good here. The hours are odd at times and the schedule is a mess always but the people are nice and so are the customers.
Two weeks ago my fathers health that was looking stable took a slight turn his counts were climbing and he was feeling weak. He had a ct on the cancer last week and it showed growth in the liver tumors and the one on the pancreas. Tomorrow he’s getting a needle biopsy of the new lesion seen in the ct scan on his liver too see what it is.
I guess between work and family sl has taken a back burner also with my brothers impending visit in a week or so preparing for that has also taken over.
Life is hard and sad and I feel kinda depressed of late my rl friends are back in ny and I really have no friends here in Arizona. Yes I have sl friends and some are also rl friends but it’s just not the same as that friend you go share a drink with or meet for lunch or a movie.
Yes I can change that I’m sure I will make some friends here but with work and him it’s not been easy.
I honestly want too meet a lady here and have a relationship and not feel judged or like I’m being played but that too has problems for starters living with two senior citizens don’t help that at all yeah some I’ve met are understanding because of what is going on but it makes it hard to manage and almost impossible.
My parents are old fashioned in that they are not ok with females sleeping over so I’m kinda stuck and no sleeping over isn’t a issue really there are other options there for sure. But everything I do needs validation with them as far as where I am what I am doing who I am with. And being 34 now and back in a world I left when I was 20 is not easy one bit.
I can’t sit on the sofa and drink a beer watch bad tv and relax in my underwear I have little privacy in my life I hang in my room watch tv and at least once every hour I get a visit or a shout to come look at this or that.
Don’t get me wrong I love that I’m here to help and be a part of this thing going on but at times I just want to scream walk out go grab a hotel room and relax watch tv all night drink a beer or 5 and just feel normal again.
Sl is great for wasting time on things but it’s not productive and fulfilling as rl currently.
I’m not leaving sl any time soon I will be back I’m sure maybe even today but for now I’m taking a rest break from it and people who are a part of sl till I can get rl straight in my life. It’s nothing personal to anyone it’s just what it is for now.
Kev Sweetwater


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