Boycott second life marketplace

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Second Life, virtual worlds, Welcome to my world
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More often than not I speak with friends and fellow content creators and they all say the same thing. I had to close my sim or my store because I don’t get the traffic I need due to marketplace.
Regions use too be themed, some had great themes others not so great but when you went looking for the thing you needed or desired it was a experience not a website three clicks of a mouse and a box arriving in your inventory.
You went to the sellers store and wandered around looking at vendor boards looking at static models and exploring. Then after shopping was finished we use to leave the store and walk around the region. See what else was there good or bad. Many regions had rides and games and other things too offer. I have personally found many creators in there stores willing to talk and explain their goods and offer demos of them before you purchased or not.
Today we login to the website enter a keyword and scroll. Creators of unique content no longer need stores and themed sims to entice people in to buy things or clubs to keep them there.
Marketplace when it was slx wasn’t as wide spread you had to locate terminals too fund you account on regions I had a few favorite spots I use too visit to do that. Now it’s linked off your balance and you can shop while sitting on your fat avatar ass watching porn for that perfect outfit or item.
The winner in marketplace is linden lab, not the content maker. Yes it makes accounting easy and sales tracking simple because they run your metrics but they also take a percentage of your sales and charge you for a featured listing if you like. In the old days you made a classified ad and picks and had folks there all the time to increase your traffic counts showing the popularity of your items. And yes many cheated at this with bots sitting around to just skew the numbers unfairly.
My rule was always unless I know this is legit I won’t bother going there to shop. I use to skip the top ten on the search list and go from there and always got what I was looking for.

So I propose this remove your content from marketplace re open a store theme your sim and get back to basics it better in the end for everyone. Sellers and consumers alike. Enjoy your second life again. Not a web page


  1. Cinders says:

    my fat avatar ass likes to shop when i’m not inworld, and judging by all the traffic in the stores i shop at, and in my own store, i somehow doubt it’s marketplace’s fault they can’t make a sale.

  2. I quit using Marketplace when it went inbetween from SLX, killed all my freebies for kids, messed up my “listings” badly and started stacking the results towards certain vendors. They also messed up the search engine so bad that I find Marketplace unusable. I buy nothing from it and don’t even go there. I refund anyone the balance between the price Mplace charges and what I sell my few things for in my Garden.

    Even when I used Marketplace to LOOK, I always went directly to the sim to buy; I do not buy off Marketplace. Usually, the price is lower too.

  3. Joe says:

    I tend to aggree but tend disagree with comments .
    as follows .
    SL is to slow to cater for the traffic on the servers.
    And when i was a new alt on sl it was great to travel sims in search of items but the vending panels take to long to rezz up now (refer to the slow comment ).
    So its all a bit frustrating logging on and standing there for ever and a day waiting for item items that one might want to purchase. ?
    bit of a wate of time i guess .
    now here is the update sl took market place on to make shopping like we all do in rl browse though a vast index of items and have the assurance that any trader that does not fulfill there obligation to the customer can be delt with as a counter measure.
    Vending panels are ok but no longer a means of traffic as one or should says its old hat sorry
    best way to show you items that we make is sl market place and use your sim as a demo area that way you will gain respect and traffic .
    i dont cater for traffic on my sim been there done it i like my own space in sl to make items .

    so i aggree with lindens on the market place but diagree with some matters that could have been resolved regarding slow server response ?
    Hope we all understand .
    i think i do

    The name is .
    toros Viper

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