Defusing soul

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Second Life, Welcome to my world
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So the LEA is running a new event where they are gigging sims to artists to allow them to create works and show their visions on a platform where money won’t be a issue with gifted sims. Here is my proposal.

A walk through the life of a child through adult hood featuring the views of joy and pain, loss and discovery. An immersive quest of discovery as you wander through the looking glass and view the soul of a special child as they become an adult.

Phase one would be the baby years, self discovery and the acknowledgement of love and affection through visual input ( a child’s room with toys and a crib showing security and safety) and sounds.

Phase two would be childhood, featuring the view of a 10-year-old child going to school and trying to fit in but being made a outsider; never accepted due to personal issues with learning and physical status as a weak, over-weight child in a class room setting where the child is involved in a fight with a few other students because they feel he isn’t worth living in their world)

Phase three would feature the child, now a teenager, experiencing a high-school summer and his first love ( a sandy beach with perfect surf and sun; him and a girl falling in love)

Phase four would be the loss of love in his life with the death of his mother around the age of 19 (a closed casket, flowers, incense burning; a weeping young adult in a chair alone and unable to express his grief)

Phase five: a rediscovery of acceptance with a woman who cares for him, who he marries ( features two scenes: one of them together in a intimate dinner setting staring into each others soul, and a wedding venue dancing together )

Phase six would feature a view into his adult life: work, family, house, bills, the lack of his mother in his life and a marriage collapsing ( him in a bar alone drunk, seeking an outlet for his pain through drinking heavily and fighting)

Phase seven would be him taking his life ( the man standing on the edge of oblivion, staring into his life, ready to end his internal pains and suffering ( him on the roof top of a building ready to jump; as he stands, the things in his life flash by in a montage of changing visuals featured prior in the build)

Phase eight: a baby is born ( his ex-wife now widowed giving birth to his child and his shadow staring at it from the neither regions of the spirit world)

This immersive build would be display areas that the visitor can enter into and become a part of as an observer in the shadows. It would need to be set on a full region to accommodate the settings and set the proper mood.

We’ll see what happens


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