Burning Man in Second Life

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As dpw lead for burning man 2.0 a official virtual regional. We have all the stuff at black rock city except the dust unless your house is dirty

This week was a long one but with a great team it was wonderful no fighting only happy and fun we got all the regions set up chose theme camp winners assigned all donation plots to people built center camp got the Berlin stage going up camp articia out for your ice needs. But the best part so far is this amazing team of people who will do anything the lamplighters lead jeanbatista has helped me so much this week I am forever gratefull to him. Emcee has been the calming voice an they one to say bro I live you but your not a one man department delegate more before you die. Ronon is training new and old rangers as fast as possible, Doc G tossed a last minute pre party for everyone as a thanks for waiting party. My ops lead rekka has been smashing prims and making things from nothing. Ahh there are so many great people involved and it’s worth every second.
The man is ready to go in our temple builder has made a temple to make you feel a rush of emotion it’s like being on the playa.
So now it’s time to open the flood gate and let the builders in let’s get to work now this ride is one people dream of. Thank you all for your support and help and a shoulder to lean on at times this is what makes burning man in second life great now where is the bacon



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